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Lions Club of Kingston

in our 70th year of service to Lionism

About us

Our record - What we do, what we have done since 1941:
(besides helping hundreds of local businesses to grow!) 

Help the Blind $302,904
Civic Improvement $130,261
Help the Deaf $28,770
Diabetes & Health $331,685
Scholarships $319,950
Youth Outreach $381,431
Miscellaneous $220.250
Our Million Plus Total: $1,715,251







Why shoud YOU become a member?

  • Meet many new friends.
  • Help the Club to help many needy families within the community.
  • Help with community projects, Sight - Hearing - Diabetes - Scholarships.
  • We have different and interesting speakers at our meetings.


We meet on the 1st, 3rd, 4th, and 5th Tuesday from 12:00 Noon to 1:00 PM at the Garden Plaza Hotel(formally the Holiday Inn) on Washington Ave., Kingston, NY. (The Board of Directors meet on the 2nd Tuesday at Noon at the Garden Plaza Hotel.)  

How it all began . . .

On Monday evening, July 7, 1941, the Lions Club of Kingston, NY received its charter at a dinner-dance held in the Village Inn in Woodstock.

Since its founding, the Kingston Lions Club has held its meeting each Tuesday. Our Club has built a reputation for being a noisy and enthusiastic group.

It was during the presidency of Walter Donnaruma (1947-1948) that the idea of producing the Exposition "Kingston Area On Parade" was accepted by the membership. The first Expo opened its door at Kingston's Municipal Auditorium (now the Kingston Neighborhood Center on March 9, 1948. It was an instant success and became an annual event. To date, more than 50 Expo's have been held. Success followed success and the Expo has been the principal fund-raiser ever since. Now, with an adequate source of funds, the Kingston Lions Club embarked upon a varied program of service to the community. Over the years, the Expo and other fund-raising activities have netted the Club approximately $1,000,000 for its various charitable projects - an outstanding record for the City of Kingston. The funds have een spent locally for the benefits of the people of Kingston-area under the watchful eyes of the Lions. Every penny that the Kingston Lions raise from public fund-raising activities is used for charitable purposes. Not one cent is used for administration expenses or other purposes. The dues paid by the members cover the expenses of running the Club including social affairs, conventions, etc.

From the very beginning, a major objective of the Club has been its work for the blind and sight-impaired through its Sight Conservation Committee. The Club has been very active in a number of other projects as well, including speech and hearing, drug awareness and diabetes detection. Other projects cover such area as youth activities, civic improvement and community betterment.

Many of the projects that the Kingston Lions have supported over the years are listed among our full history.

OFFICERS and DIRECTORS for July 1, 2014 - June 30, 2015:

President: John Burlingham
1st Vice President: Tom Keehn
2nd Vice President Janet  VanBurean
Secretary: Walter Maxwell
Treasurer: Laurie A. Kelley
Tail Twister*: Dan terpening
Chaplains *: Ellsworth L. Johnson
Tom Keehn
Historian *: Joe Thurin
Immediate Past President: Dan Terpening
(*) Non-voting Board Member









"Class of 2012-2014": Dan Terpening, Eric Soltankhah and Dolores Fredericks

"Class of 2013-2015": Hildy Meissner, Dorry Dabney and Laurence Maxwell

Alternate Director: Joe Thurin

District, Region, Zone:

District Governor: Manny Pardo
Vice District Governor: William Shembeda

Membership Roster . . .

Cheryl Bowers
John H. Burlingham *
Dorris D. Dabney, Jr. *
Janet Dabney
Daniel J. Devine
Dolores A. Fredericks
Robert J. Gaus *
Kevin Gilfeather *
Ellsworth L. Johnson *
G. Thomas Keehn
Laurie A. Kelley
Lewis C. Kirschner *
Dr. Thomas Koshy
Edward Levine *
John Macaluso
John MacCauley
John F. Martino
Laurence Maxwell
Walter C. Maxwell *
Mary E. McMickle *
Hildy Meissner
Stanley Nitzky
Mark Reiker
Thomas H. Schmidt, Sr.
Eric Soltankhah
Daniel Terpening
Joseph S. Thurin *
J. Wilson Tinney
Steven Trast
George S. Voegler
MaryRose Warcholak